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From October 14, 2010:

Los Angeles, October 14, 2010 – Frank Herrera is a lawyer who loves cigars. In fact, he loves them so much that he has spent countless hours trying to help small manufacturers in trademark battles against much larger foes, including Cuba’s Habanos, S.A.

So it was probably inevitable that, eventually, Herrera was going to introduce his own cigar brand, and in 2009, he did. He calls it “La Caridad del Cobre” after the Patron Saint of Cuba, first seen – according to legend – in 1608.

The brand was well received on introduction, but Herrera has reblended it for 2010 and is hoping for even wider distribution. We checked out both styles:

La Caridad del Cobre – Natural wrapper:

[Dominican Republic: available in 3 sizes]

Immediately recognizable by a very large and colorful band, the natural-wrapped La Caridad del Cobre blend uses an Ecuadorian-grown leaf for wrapper, over a Dominican binder and Dominican and Nicaraguan filler combination. The result is a cigar with a medium-to-full-bodied presence in the mouth, with a spicy aroma.

There’s plenty of flavor, with a pop of caramelized sweetness to start, with a long finish that includes just a wisp of spice. The construction and draw are excellent and the burn is even and smooth.

The lively sweetness continues well into the second half, with a balance of light spice on the finish, intensifying only in the final third. It’s a relaxing cigar, with a mellow pacing that encourages you to take your time and enjoy.

Fans of the brand will also enjoy the prices, which are quite accessible at $5.99 to $6.49 each, with all three sizes available in boxes of 20.

Overall grade: : Excellent.

La Caridad del Cobre – Maduro wrapper:

[Dominican Republic: available in 4 sizes]

The maduro-wrapped edition of the La Caridad del Cobre brand features a nearly-black Brazilian wrapper that gives the blend a full-bodied presence in the mouth, with a toasty and slightly spicy aroma.

As one would expect from a maduro, there is plenty of sweetness, with just a bit of spice on the finish in a lively combination. As the volume of the sweetness in the taste has been dialed up compared with the natural-wrapped edition, so has the sharpness of the spiciness of the finish, with a rich and entertaining result.

Construction and burn are excellent and the richness and smoothness of the blend are remarkable, continuing well into the second half. The intensity of flavor lessens only slightly even in the final third. Just terrific.

All four sizes of the La Caridad del Cobre maduro line are offered in boxes of 20, with retail pricing from $6.39 to $7.25 each, not including local taxes.

Overall grade: : Exceptional.

Herrera can be justly proud of his cigar, whose vibrant flavor and texture are very much a reflection of his own energy and drive. In fact, his cigars are good enough that he may – at some point in the future – have to decide if he prefers selling cigars or being a lawyer . . . he can ask Rocky Patel about making that choice.

~ Rich Perelman Blake’s Journal reviews the No. 5 “La Monjita”

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