Who We Are

Designed by: Manny Iriarte, Iriarte Photography & Design

1608 Historia
La Caridad Del Cobre is Cuba’s Patron Saint. She is the only thing constant about Cuban culture. Since the beginning of her appearance which is thought to begin in 1608, Cuba has experienced many changes. However, for over 400 years Cuba’s Patron Saint represents the strength and resolve of the Cuban people, whether they live in Cuba, in exile, or wherever they may be in the world. Our cigars are made in the Cuban tradition, designed and produced by Cubans living in exile. While we may not live in Cuba, the tradition of quality cigar making continues and we want to share it with you.
Frank Herrera
La Caridad Del Cobre Cigars, LLC
1749 N.E. Miami Court
Suite 308
Miami, Florida 33132 

(305) 965-5148

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